Justin’s Pic of the Day- Primeval Forest

Oregon 16

This is a picture of the forests on the central Oregon coast.  The forest looked primeval to me with the fog and the branches.   Hope you enjoy! -J

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Pottery Barn Kids Knock Off Sign

Pottery Barn Knock Off Sign 1

Hello! We are still plugging away on redecorating our son’s bathroom.  If you haven’t been following the progress you can click here to see our idea board.  Anyway, we really liked Pottery Barn Kids Pacific Coast Highway Sign.  The only thing we didn’t like was the $69 price tag.  Since flattery is the highest form of praise we thought we would praise PB by hacking this wall art to the tune of $1.  Yes, you heard that right.  Since we already had MDF board that we used for the DIY Shark Wall Art Hack the wood didn’t cost us a cent.  But for those of you who are going to try this out I have to tell you that my husband bought the MDF panel at Home Depot for $1 in their scrap wood bin.  The only thing we had to buy was acrylic paints which were on sale at Michaels for .33 cents each.

This project was super easy and everyone got to participate in it.  See below on how we did it:

Step 1Step 2 and 3Muchacho 1

You can see the paint from when we dried the wood we used on the pallet backsplash.  Muchacho had fun painting the back of the sign all by himself!

Back of SignStep 4

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Justin’s Pic of the Day… Tumalo, OR Yellow Barn

Tumalo Barn

We saw this barn a while back while driving through Tumalo, Oregon.  We thought it looked like a cool background for a family picture.  Maybe one day, right? Hope you enjoy! -J

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Do you remember the post about our ideas for Muchacho’s bathroom?  We saw the cutest idea on Sand and Sisal’s blog about a Pallet Shark.  Well, Justin happened to have a piece of MDF board he picked up from Home Depot for $1 laying around so he decided to cut out the shark for Muchacho’s bathroom.  The project turned out quite well and it was only…. wait for it… $1.50 to hack.  We painted the shark robin egg blue with some white markings to make it look like a white tip shark (which it is).  Hope you enjoy!

Shark 1 The first thing I did was lay out several pieces of paper until I knew how large I needed the shark to be.  Then, we found a picture of a shark we liked on Google (look for something larger than 4 MP or 2272 x 1704).  This was fun for Muchacho to help with.  We used Picasa to crop the HUGE picture into different segments and pieced them all together.  To make the template easier to cut out and use, we taped over the template with packing tape.

Shark 1Muchacho got his shark book out and we all read all about white tip sharks.  Lots of fun!

Shark 3Justin traced the shark onto the large piece of 1/2″ MDF board he got from Home Depot’s scrap bin and then cut it out with his jig saw.

Shark 4Next, we painted the shark robin egg blue and dry brushed some white onto the fins.

shark 5 Here is a picture of it hanging on the wall in the bathroom.  We would show you a picture of the whole bathroom but this is the first thing we have hung up with the surfer theme.  So…. when we get a bit further we’ll show you how it all fits together.  We were really happy with how easy this project was and how well it turned out.

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Take Back Your Mornings!

Mornings 1Don’t get me wrong, I love love love love seeing my little boy in the morning.  But just not too early.  In our house, mom and dad don’t get up until 7:30.  There is nothing quite like the staggered wake up that comes from being a mom:  (6:05 AM) “Mom!  I have to go to the bathroom!”  (6:15 AM)  “Mom, are you up yet?”  (6:25 AM) “Mom!  When is breakfast?”  (6:35 AM) “Mom, is it time yet?”  (6:45 AM) “Mom, I want breakfast!”  (7:00 AM)  “Mom!  Get out of bed!”  (7:15 AM) “Mom, is it time YET?”  (7:30 AM)  “Yeah!  Mom is getting up!  I’ll race you downstairs.”

By the time I get out of bed my nerves are frayed and I’m already grouchy.  I just think to myself… If I could just sleep until 7:30 I could tackle my mornings.  So, one day I set to task to come up a plan.  I call it, “Mom is Taking Back Her Mornings.”  Here are the details:

We bought a cheap old alarm clock that showed numbers.  Every night, we set the alarm to 7:30 AM.  We chose 7:30 because we thought it was a good compromise between muchacho and us.  Then, we told Muchacho that we didn’t care what time he woke up just as long as he didn’t wake mom and dad up (emergencies don’t count).  He just had to wait until the alarm went off; he could read books, play in his playroom, get dressed… whatever.

Still, it was hard for him not to wake us up a few dozen times.  So, we decided that each time he yelled at us to wake up we were going to add 5 minutes to the clock.  It is only fair, right?  After everything parents do, we felt deserving of sleep.  So, if he yelled from his room to wake up and make him breakfast 2 times, the earliest we would get up was 7:40.  Once he knew we were serious, it only took a few days before he played by the rules.

We were really pleased that the new system works.  Now, when we wake up we actually have energy and we are not tired, frustrated, or grouchy.  We no longer wake up with zombie eyes.  Do any of you have a secret mom trick to managing morning expectations?

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Mustache Valentines

Muchacho had a Valentine’s Day party at preschool and we made mustache and lips valentines for his classmates.  They turned out so cute.  We followed the tutorial at Blonde Designs Blog although we used different lip and mustache templates.  We got tons of compliments on them and we couldn’t be happier with how they turned out.  Here are some pictures.  Enjoy! -K

Valentine's Day 1Valentine's Day 2

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Happy Valentines Day! A Special Pic of the Day

Hug 1Happy Valentine’s Day!  Valentine’s Day is pretty special for our family.  It is the day we found out five years ago that we were going to be parents.  We could hardly contain our excitement.  Now, four years later, we get to celebrate Valentine’s Day with our little boy (more on that to come).  This is a doctored picture of Muchacho and Kristina.  He had just written, “I love you mom” on a sheet of paper and it just melted Kristina.  The two of them hugged it out.  Hope you enjoy!

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Justin’s Pic of the Day: Tuscon

Tucson Pic of the Day 1


This is of a picture of a hotel side entrance in Tucson, AZ I took several years back.  I like the contrast between the walls, the shutters, and the agave.  Very “Old Arizona.”  Anyway, hope you enjoy it!

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Recipe of the Week: Sex in a Pan Dessert

Chocolate pudding.  Vanilla pudding.  Whipped Cream.  Pecans crushed up and baked in a bed of flour and butter.  So light and yet so decadent.  We made this recipe a bit ago for a get together with friends and after some initial snickering it made a great dessert that everyone enjoyed.

This was an experiment for us.  We’d never made sex in a pan before so to make sure we did it right we used a family recipe my Aunt Linda calls “Robert Redford in a Pan” and wow, it turned out good.  A little too good.  It is a very light dessert- the complete opposite of a New York Cheesecake.  But that just means you can eat more of it without feeling full or guilty.

Sex in a Pan Recipe 1Sex in a Pan Recipe 2

Yummy 1

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Idea Board for Muchacho’s Bathroom

Muchacho's Bathroom IdeasWe are starting to put together some ideas for Muchacho’s bathroom.  We are thinking we are going to do it in a surfer theme.  We are just kicking around ideas at this point but these are some of our inspirations.  Whatcha think? -K

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